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Member Portfolios

OVA offers any member who wants one a free member page on this site or a link to another URL where their work is displayed.  Those are accessed via the “Member List” to the right on this site.  If you are interested, please contact the webmaster with the URL you want to link to or a selection of up to 4 image samples, an artist’s statement and/or bio, the medium you work in, any contact info you want included, and an (optional) photo of yourself.  We can resize your image for you if your images are too large for posting online.

In addition, we have a portfolio book for OVA members that we used to display at events the OVA participated in.  We used it for awhile, but right now it’s rather out-of-date.  If we update it with current samples, it could be displayed on the OVA table in the hospitality tent at the up-coming Olathe Station Art Fair.  This would give all OVA members, even those who are not participating in the OSAF, an opportunity to have their work represented in a small way at the event.  The book has room for up to 22 artists to display one page about themselves and their work.

To that end, we would appreciate it if members would send updated samples and artist information  and/or an 8.5″X11″ (portrait orientation) flyer showcasing your work to the webmaster.  You can also send along your business cards, because the book has a pocket on each page for those.  Items can be emailed to karen (at) karenbjones (dot) com or dropped off at the gallery.


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