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October Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes:  OVA AUG meeting 2018


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Olathe Visual Artists 🎨 quarterly meeting MINUTES

January 26, 2017 membership meeting minutes 7pm

Presiding officer – Dave Stewart called the meeting to order 7:05pm

Treasures report –  John Burns reports & balance approved by members.

Meeting Minutes from Oct. 2016 – none available from the last meeting.

2017 officers – Dave Stewart – president (OVA /1st Art Gallery of Olathe partners director)

John Burns – treasurer

Need an officer – secretary -minutes by D.Stewart

New business:

  1. Olathe Public Library – OVA member display: 2D art rotation monthly, no sales only promotion of artists & OVA. To begin as soon as display area is ready.
  2. Stems plein air paint June 1, 2017. Members encouraged to participate. OVA donating art show grids May 28 to June 5. Dave will ask for trading grid use for help with storage fees or member discount to Stems participation fee at plein air event.
  3. Your portfolio, your profile, your bio.( potential workshop). Dave Stewart will provide members with bio building assistance upon request.
  4. Ruth offering classes to OVA members at a 50%
  5. New meeting day & dates: OVA MEETINGS NOW ON TUESDAY NIGHTS AT 6pm. ALSO, TO OCCUR EACH ALTERNATING MONTH. (Motion made and approved). OVA meeting dates for 2017: January 26 , March 28, May 25, July 25, Sept. 26, Nov. 28.
  6. OVA to adopt Louisville art association PURPOSE STATEMENT.
  7. OVA to begin funding drive including auctions, grant procurement, member art sales.
  8. OVA SCHOLARSHIP- applications were distributed at the Olathe H.S. Career Night, awaiting return, selections to occur at March meeting. Grant will be $1000.00 or 2 $500.00 to qualified applicants.

OVA Workshops- proposed (Mark Weber – oil or acrylic, Billy O’Donnell – plein air, Casey Kempter – Abstract, Dave Stewart – Venetian Plaster, other – marketing. Dave Stewart – portfolio bio, other?)

OVA Field Trip- proposed (Nelson Museum, Down town art fair/s, Plaza Art Show)

OVA Guest Speakers- M. Weber, Billy O’Donnel, other?

OVA SHOWS – 1st Art Gallery of Olathe – month of March, Olathe Public Library ( Indian Creek Branch) set up date to be announced.

OVA Partners/1st Art Gallery – director Dave Stewart – proposed OVA members to become 1st Art Gallery of Olathe associate members.

P Dave  –  1. Recruiter for associates – director needed (application for new member sign-ups).   2. Fund Raiser – Directors needed (research ways of increasing revenue, online sales, art auctions, special event sales, go fund me…).


February – 1st Saturday Reception at 1st Art Gallery of Olathe 2/4/17

– 1st Art Gallery of Olathe meeting, 2/9/17 6pm.

March.     – 1st Saturday Reception at 1st Art Gallery of Olathe 3/4/17

– 1st Art Gallery membership meeting will be on 3/7/2017, 6 PM.

– OVA meeting on 3/28/17 at 6pm.

April.        – 1st Saturday Reception at 1st Art Gallery of Olathe 4/1/17

– 1st Gallery meeting, 4/4/17

– End January 2017 Minutes –

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