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Crossing Kansas

Crossing Kansas

Ford in Goodland

Ford in Goodland

Running Board

Running Board

Art has always been a passion with me. I have always visited galleries, gone to openings and dabbled here and there. I have a love of the outdoors and was considered the “picture taker” …but, I never had a camera that was capable of producing photos to share.

In 2011, I won the grand prize at the company Christmas party, a kayak package. I promptly sold it and bought my first good camera, a Canon T3i. Since then, I have acquired the Canon 6D which I now use exclusively for all of my photos.

Most of us are so caught up in the mundane day to day living, we either forget or are unaware of the magic and beauty surrounding us and need reminders. If my photography can be that reminder, it has served it’s purpose.

I am inspired and challenged by the works of other artists and often humbled by child’s project.

I find photography meditative. It’s calming. When I’m out takin’ pictures, I’m in the now. I’m fully present. I see…

Contact me through:

  1. New Member | Olathe Visual Artists
  2. Member Showing at Images and Smoky Hill | Olathe Visual Artists

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