Kathleen Kirch

Oil Painter

My love is wildlife, sunsets, the mountains and flowers. My painting history has been sixteen years with the Decorative Artists Association. I learned all of my painting skills with them. I have painted with artists like Helan Barrick, Elizabeth Pruitt, Johnnie Liledahl and recently have finished with a five year credited class, with the master painter, Slava Letkov, from Russia. Now, I am starting a new chapter in my life, showing my own work and painting in oils. And I love it.

Born in Pensacola, Florida I grew up as a Navy brat. We traveled a lot and I was able to experience many different things. My favorite thing was to go to the many national parks. I love to hike and explore or just sit and enjoy my surroundings. This is where my inspiration comes from for my paintings. I was married in 1967, had three children, a boy and two girls, and now have twelve grandchildren. We like to take the grandchildren into the woods to explore and hike. I hope to inspire them to appreciate the world and to enjoy what it has to offer.

God is very much in my life and I feel he has given me this talent. I know he is with me and is guiding me in the right direction. If not for him I would not be able to go to all the beautiful places that I paint from. I feel I am very lucky to have these opportunities. I hope you all can enjoy my painting and see the beauty I am trying to portray. Take the time to stop for a while and look at beauty all around you. Sometimes it is big, like a red and orange sunset, and sometimes it might be a tiny dragonfly with it’s detailed wings.

Please visit my website for more information.

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