Karen B. Jones

Illustrator New with my font For SCBWI

I’m a freelance illustrator working exclusively with digital media.

I’ve always loved to draw and I’d always been most comfortable with pencils and pens because they allowed me the very precise control my perfectionist heart demanded. When I started working digitally with a graphics tablet, I fell in love with the media. It gives me the ability to control the line and make corrections to an extent that cannot be duplicated on real paper. It also allows me to mimic traditional painting and marker techniques much faster than I can with the real deal.

The sort of work I create varies greatly. I enjoy the simplicity and innocence of children’s illustrations, but I also dabble in other drawing styles and photography. I often experiment with different styles and techniques. I’m frequently surprised by what works for me and what doesn’t. Generally speaking, I’m drawn to creating images with strong, prominent lines and bold colors, which explains my attraction to cartoon art.

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