John Burns


Italian Village
16″ X 20″..Acrylic…$250

Over & Under the Waterline
18″ X 24″…Acrylic..$250

Canyon Cedars
11″ X 14″..Acrylic…$150
Prints available at lower prices

Country Cabin
16″ X 20″..Acrylic…$250
Prints available at lower prices


I began painting in 1990 at the age of 45. I am self-taught, watching TV painters such as Bob Ross, Bill Alexander, Jerry Yarnell and others. I attended three one week classes to become a Ross Certified instructor. I then taught oil painting in the Wet-on-Wet method at different craft stores for several years. I also showed my paintings at various craft shows and art shows for a few years in the late 1990’s.

I am a member and officer of Olathe Visual Artists and a co-op artist at First Art Gallery of Olathe. I took a hiatus from my painting hobby in the early 2000’s because of health concerns and job requirements.

During the summer of last year (2009) I decided that I was going to retire from full time work. I decided that I wanted to get back into my painting. I set up my studio to start painting in my spare time.

I thought that I would like to try acrylics since all I had painted before was in oils. I found that I enjoyed acrylics very much and most of what I have painted in the last few months has been in acrylics. I intend to paint in oil from time to time also.

My primary interest is in landscapes and seascapes but am venturing into floral and animal painting as well.

My work can be seen at the First Art Gallery of Olathe

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