Jim Walker


A Passing Storm

Mangrove in the Sunset

Old Vinland Church

Harmony in the Sands


Outdoors with my camera, searching for those scenes that attract me is what I find so rewarding and seemingly, my life’s mission. I want to bring those images to you to enjoy. To me, they are inspiring, entertaining, educational, stimulating, illuminating, and – OK – enough! Take a look and see for yourself.

My wife and I do a fair amount of traveling, and wherever we travel, I’m always looking for those special images. So you’ll see photos in my galleries from coast to coast.

But, you’ll find most of the images from my home state of Kansas; maligned by many of the I-70 travelers for only miles of wheat and corn and seemingly uninteresting and dull landscapes. But they don’t see it as I do. The gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, beautiful cloud formations and the bluest of skies, prairie grasses and wildflowers, sunflowers, golden wheat fields, prairie burns, old windmills, limestone fences, and weathered barns keep me busy driving the rural roads and walking the fence lines and hiking trails.

I’ve been into this camera thing for 50+ years now and I shoot thousands of images every year; most within a couple of hours drive from my home. It started with my family’s old Kodak when I was 8 or 9 years old and my passion for photography hasn’t diminished. I’ll also leave photographing people to others. I love the landscapes first and foremost, followed by urban and architectural scenes. And black and white, though they are my favs, unfortunately they don’t pay the bills, so most of my images you will find in color.

As for as training, I’ve had a few formal classes in photography but mostly my education has been through technical journals, books and magazines, talking to fellow photographers, and just plain ol’ trial n’ error.

I always get asked whether I use photo-editing software to enhance my images. And I do use it if I think the camera hasn’t done a good enough job producing the colors and contrasts as I’ve seen with my own eyes.

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