Elizabeth Sullivan


Susans in the Wind

Susans in the Wind

Color Wheel

Color Wheel


Lion On Fire

Slow Thaw 2


My name is Elizabeth Sullivan and I’ve lived in the Kansas City area all my life and Olathe for most of the last 20 years. Most of the work I have is photography. I am not completely opposed to experimenting with digitally altering a photograph; I do consider this art as well. But I’d much prefer knowing that what makes the finished photograph special is the fact that it was actually seen that way in real life.

Many of my images are of landscapes, flowers, or curious architectural elements. Common themes found in my photographs are colors, lines or lighting that caught my eye. Usually they are of subjects that are more simple than busy, or things that might be of interest to the eye of a child.

I have had very little art training aside from some classes in high school, but I’ve taken tens of thousands of photographs, experience transforming them over the years. I can’t remember a time when I was not taking pictures or being drawn to art in all forms. I have experimented a little bit with acrylic paint and pastels and hope that as time goes on, that experience will bring me skill in these areas as well. Working with both of these mediums is enjoyable and fulfilling to me and causes time to fly.

I hope you’ll enjoy my work.

Please visit my website.

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