Cathy Sherman


White Pass & Yukon Route Railway, British Columbia, Canada

White Pass & Yukon Route Railway

Male Cardinal in a Snowstorm

Male Cardinal in a Snowstorm

Surfing Under a Rainbow in Southern California

Surfing Under a Rainbow

Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai, Hawaii

I’m a journalist, painter and photographer, specializing in science and nature topics, but I love to photograph, paint and write about everything. I’ve been an avid photographer since I was about six years old (MANY years ago) when I got my first camera, a green plastic thing, not even sure what kind it was. I also loved to draw, and my parents kept me supplied with stacks of scrap paper. I was photography editor for my high school yearbook my junior and senior year and later became a journalist, studying at the University of Kansas where I also did graduate studies in biology and history (but dropped out of both grad schools, wish I would have finished at least one. ) Much of my photography has been to illustrate news and magazine articles and later also featured on my blog. I also took photographs of scenes as a guide for paintings and drawings.

When I got my first digital camera five years ago, I began to explore art photography and also began designing greeting cards. I began volunteering at Wayside Waifs, where I photograph cats available for adoption for the website. It’s some of most fun I’ve ever had!

I’m married and have two adult married children, two cats, one granddog and one grandcat. I’m still waiting for grandchildren.

Some of my websites:
Fine Art America
Greeting Card Universe

My Blog

My Art and Photography Blog

I recently opened an art and photography page on Facebook.


  1. #1 by Dinah Medina on April 29, 2014 - 9:19 pm

    Welcome Cathy. You look like a great artist and I look forward to meeting you.

  1. New Member | Olathe Visual Artists

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