SATURDAY October 6, 6-8pm
at the First Art Gallery of Olathe

The First Art Gallery of Olathe would like to personally invite you to an art reception in honor of our October featured artist Kirt Bowman. Kirt will be showing his original abstracts all month in the gallery. The reception for Kirt is Saturday October 6, 6-8 pm. at the First Art Gallery of Olathe. The evening will include refreshments and live music provided by Paul Martveli and Ellie LeBar. Kirt invites you all to come check out his new paintings and help him celebrate.

Original Acrylic Painting by
Kirt Bowman

Artist statement:
I was born in Sidney, Nebraska in 1952. I am a Contemporary abstract landscape artist.  I live in Isadora, MO in a tiny house in the woods and part time in Overland Park with my beautiful girlfriend.

My Paintings depict combinations of trees, their roots, planets, and colorful sky techniques using color blocks, color layering, drips, and water spots.

With destruction of our own planet, we seem to think other planets might be a place to relocate humans. Through my art I want the viewer to understand that nature is vital to our survival as a species. It needs to be put on a pedestal and preserved for all of us. There is no planet B.

The trees in my paintings represent the possibility of a wonderful environment if we respect nature instead of poisoning it to oblivion. I want the viewer to look at what is possible in a futuristic way, and help the world become a garden for all life on the planet.

My art education is a mixed bag of self taught and college level classes, seasoned with
artist workshops that interest me. I have gone back and forth with music and art my whole life. Art is now the focus with music the hobby. My education will never end and will continue to evolve.

Original Acrylic Painting by Kirt Bowman

Original Acrylic Paintings by Kirt Bowman

To see more information about Kirt visit his website.

The First Art Gallery of
Olathe is an artist cooperative that features original paintings,
drawings, jewelry, fused glass, pottery, sculpture and
photography by local artists.

Art classes for children
and adults are also available.

GALLERY OF OLATHE is located in the Olathe Station Shopping
Center 11951 Strangline rd.

Copyright © *2018* *First Art
Gallery of Olathe*, All rights reserved.

*Kirt Bowman* *Featured Artist Invitation*

mailing address is:

*11951 Strangline Rd. Olathe Ks. 66062*



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