Olathe Visual Artists 🎨 May 25th 2017 6pm Agenda

Location: 11951 Strang Line Road, Olathe Kansas. 1st Art Gallery of Olathe.

Presiding officer – Dave Stewart –

Meeting Minutes from March( ) May Agenda( )

Treasures report – John Burns reports & balance

Need an officer – secretary –

New business:

(NEW SHOWING) OVA shows at the Olathe Public Library (Indian Creek Branch) – ongoing. Contact Dave to hang your 2-D artwork through July 15.

(NEW PROJECT) Mark Weber painting workshop (skies & clouds) June 24 here 10am to 4pm $80. Special rate for OVA members.

(NEW PROJECT) Captive Artists 2017 – an OVA project led by new member Karri Cody 913-488-7605. Organized to promote the art and artwork of elderly, disabled and incarcerated artists in the Kansas City area.

(NEW PROJECT & SHOWING) PAINTED TRAILS – A journey in plein air. Paintings from the trip are on display at the First Art Gallery along with Dave’s “The Painted Trail 2017” journal.

NEW MEMBERS – KIM TAGGART http://www.TaggArtDirection.com, Karri Cody.

Old Business:

1. Olathe Public Library – OVA member display: 2D art rotation monthly, no sales only promotion of artists & OVA. New gallery wire hanging system is installed and ready.

2. . Your portfolio, your profile, your bio.( potential workshop). Dave Stewart will provide members with bio building assistance upon request.

3. Ruth offering classes to OVA members at a 50%. Dave offers OVA a special discount for Saturday morning painting class. 9 to 12am. Contact Dave.

4. OVA meeting schedule: OVA MEETINGS NOW ON TUESDAY NIGHTS AT 6pm. ALSO, TO OCCUR EACH ALTERNATING MONTH. (Motion made and approved). OVA meeting dates for 2017: January 26 , March 21, May 25, July 25, Sept. 26, Nov. 28.

5. OVA PURPOSE STATEMENT – get a copy, includes membership application.

6. OVA to begin a funding drive including auctions, grant procurement, member art sales. Any ideas? (Could elect a member as Grant/ fundraising Officer. Fund Raising and research ways of increasing revenue, online sales, art auctions, special event sales, go fund me…). Project proposal. OVA Magazine… (would be about 25 pages, produced by members, Johnson County Art and Artists promotional, educational, cultural enrichment. Articles about Art and living in KC area. Advertising income.

7. OVA SCHOLARSHIP- OVA is proud to announce our 2016-17 scholarship winner, JESSICA LOVE, was presented the award by OVA President David Stewart at Olathe North West awards night.

OVA Guest Speakers- Submission (please submit all contact information and dates for board vote at this time). Entertain suggestions. Future OVA member artwork shows suggestions entertained at this time.

OVA CALENDAR OF EVENTS to date for 2017.

– 1st Saturday Reception at 1st Art Gallery of Olathe 2/4/17
– 1st Art Gallery of Olathe meeting, 2/9/17 6pm.

– 1st Saturday Reception at 1st Art Gallery of Olathe 3/4/17
– 1st Art Gallery membership meeting will be on 3/7/2017, 6 PM.
– OVA meeting on 3/21/17 at 6pm.

– 1st Saturday Reception at 1st Art Gallery of Olathe 4/1/17
– 1st Gallery meeting, 4/4/17
– 4/16 depart for PAINTED TRAIL ROAD TRIP until 5/22

– 5/15 OVA show at OPL (Indian Creek Branch)
– 5/15 Project “Captive Artists 2017” established.
– 5/25 next OVA meeting.

– 6/24 Mark Weber Workshop – Painting Skies. 10am-4pm.

End May 2017 Minutes


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