Olathe Visual Artists 🎨 March, 21st 2017 Agenda

March 21st,  2017 membership meeting minutes 6pm

Presiding officer – Dave Stewart – Meeting Minutes from Feb.( ) March Agenda( )

Treasures report –  John Burns reports & balance

Need an officer – secretary –

New business: Jamie Lavin – (guest speaker on marketing your artwork)

– On the Painted Trail…an OVA project

Old Business:

  1. Olathe Public Library – OVA member display: 2D art rotation monthly, no sales only promotion of artists & OVA. To begin as soon as display area is ready.
  2. . Your portfolio, your profile, your bio.( potential workshop). Dave Stewart will provide members with bio building assistance upon request.
  3. Ruth offering classes to OVA members at a 50%
  4. OVA meetings,day & dates: OVA MEETINGS NOW ON TUESDAY NIGHTS AT 6pm. ALSO, TO OCCUR EACH ALTERNATING MONTH. (Motion made and approved). OVA meeting dates for 2017: January 26 , March 21, May 25, July 25, Sept. 26, Nov. 28.
  5. OVA PURPOSE STATEMENT.- (Statement finished and ready to present to the membership).
  6. OVA to begin funding drive including auctions, grant procurement, member art sales. Any ideas? (Could elect a member as Grant/ fundraising Officer. Fund Raising and research ways of increasing revenue, online sales, art auctions, special event sales, go fund me…).
  7. OVA SCHOLARSHIP- applications were distributed at the Olathe H.S. Career Night, awaiting return, selections to occur at March meeting. Grant will be $1000.00 or 2 $500.00 to qualified applicants.

OVA Workshops- (Mark Weber –  Landscape Painting Workshop scheduled for April 1st, 10am-4pm $80.00 /non members, $50.00 /members- Pay at the gallery.


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