Shawnee Car and Art Show: Details for OVA Members

From Carol Rubsam to OVA mambers showing at (or considering showing at) the Shawnee Car and Art Show:

Patty, Jim, Vivian and Lee, Anne, David, and Jason.  Andrew will have tables set up (3 at last count… Patty, Jim and a 3rd for some 2D art on small easels).  3D artists bring a table cover for a 6 foot table and 2D artists,  if you will be using a table for some of your work, or cards, or prints,  also bring a table cover.    Keep in mind that Andrew and his crew will have been up allllll night working a charity event on Sat. night and cleaning up after to be open on Sunday, so be organized and ready to set up.  He will have coffee and food for purchase when you are done setting up and waiting for customers.   You will be responsible for collecting payment for your own sales and you are liable for any damage or loss of your work.   The Downtown Coffee House, Andrew and his employees have no liability for the art.  Would appreciate it if everyone participating would send me a reply to let me know you got all of this.

2D artists bring easels for some larger pieces of art to set up around the coffee shop as well.   David will have the grids for 2D hanging at the Coffee House by 8am  on Sunday.  So be there no later than 8am to get set-up.   He will probably bring them in and store them their on Saturday so if anyone can be available to help him on Saturday, please get with him and work out a time.   Check the Gallery website for phone numbers.

Jason, Andrew will be available to let you bring in your pieces early on Saturday through the front double door (you can park right out front) and then you can move them into place on Sunday morning in the space he has for you right inside the door.  I will let you contact him (go to the Coffee House or get with me for a phone)  about whether or not you want to leave them in place during the charity event.  Who knows maybe someone will buy them that night!!!

We could use at least one or two more to show if someone else would like to be a part of this on Sunday afternoon 10-4 or later if still busy, September 13.   The Mayor and City Manager of Shawnee are interested in what we can do and how professional we look.  Bring good stuff and plenty of it.  They are considering a street art show (closing Barton next to city hall)  in the spring in connection with the opening of the farmers market in front of the City Hall.  The City Manager is also open to talking about using a wall in the city hall for local art work.  So let’s make this a show as big a deal as we can.

There will be a 2×4 ft banner in the front window. I will be sending out a flyer to the Gallery email list, and I hope you will be sending out a notice to your art business emailing lists as well.  (if you don’t have an email group list – time to set one up!!)  If you have questions at this point, please contact David or Anne or Andrew Thornton.   Good Luck everyone!  This should be a really fun day!!!


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