Downtown Olathe Arts Festival: Important Announcement

The Olathe Visual Artists Association (OVA) regrets to pass along the news that the Downtown Olathe Art Festival (DOAF) is disbanding. The following is the notice we received. Please note that DOAF is a completely separate organization from the OVA. The OVA is NOT closing.


To the Organizers, Members, Friends and Supporters of DOAF:

Faced with falling revenues, fewer volunteer organizers, and a target date of December 15th date to begin accepting artists’ applications for an arts festival in June, 2015, the Board of Directors of the Downtown Olathe Arts Festival, Inc. met yesterday and decided to terminate planning for 2015, and to dissolve the corporation.

Although this was not an easy decision, the Board feels it is the right decision. We can take pride in the fact that since starting literally with nothing in January, 2010 we have successfully organized, funded, promoted and presented three arts festivals. Unfortunately, since June, 2013 we have not enjoyed the level of community support necessary to continue future operations.

We will be meeting tonight at 6:00 P.M. at the Olathe Public Library, 201 E Park Street. The Board members will be on hand to answer your questions, and to discuss what we need to do to wrap things up.

I thank you all and wish you all the best,

Mike Anderson, pres.
Downtown Olathe Arts Festival, Inc.

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