Downtown Olathe Arts Festival

olathe_arts_festival_logoI attended the DOAF meeting last Tuesday night. We are starting to try to get things together after sitting out last year. The festival is tentatively set for June 13-14.  The problem is that we are in desperate need of money and  volunteers, right now, especially  volunteers. If we don’t get 3 to 4 more we may not have a festival again this year and that will probably be the death nell of DOAF. We meet on Tuesday nights at the downtown library at 6:00. We have to make a decision in the next two weeks because that is the deadline to get the festival on ZAPP. Once we pay that $1000.00 fee, we won’t get it back. So we need to know if we will have the help we need before we commit to ZAPP.  We think the donations will come but again, we need volunteers to get this put together.  Hope some of you can help.
– Thanks, John
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