Notes from the Last OVA Meeting

Dinah was kind enough to take notes last meeting and pass them along.  Thank you Dinah!

11/10/14 Meeting.
The meeting last night was AWESOME. Thank you Vivian for getting Greg.

I resigned as President. John will fill the treasurer’s spot. Sharon volunteered to be the Secretary. There is a possibility we may have Michael for president but he needed to talk to his wife. I need to send out an email of job descriptions to fill the other spots.

Carol R said we could have our Christmas Party at the gallery. They are used to having food there on first Saturdays.

We had two speakers. The artist, R. Gregory Summers showed some of his plain air work and described his palette: 4 colors are alizarin crimson, cad red, ultra marine and cad yellow light. Contents of his back pack, and method of painting as well. Greg uses Gamsol (don’t know the spelling as I have not heard of it) on his canvas witch allows him to paint in the rain!

His paints are M Graham brand which have a walnut oil base. He also used Liquin medium to speed drying. His website is

The second speaker was from Inclusion Connections. She wants us to work teach disability students about art. She said they all love art. We would not have to handle them in any way as their volunteers would take care of showing them how to do what we teach. They want art items for a silent auction on February 19th. You can check out their website at They also have a Facebook page.

If anyone wants to fill a position please review the descriptions in our bylaws on ova website (I think). We need to come up with officers for 2015 hopefully before our January meeting.

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