Simultaneous Shows

Okay, I know I need to get the meeting minutes up, but I have been busy.  I will get to it.  

But, for the moment, it seems really important to mention our upcoming shows.  

You probably all have gotten the emails, but just in case…

We’re showing at Unity Church of Overland Park which is at 103rd and Antioch.  That’s September and October, so it’s a nice long one.  There’s a 10% commission.  Label everything as normal with the title, your name, medium, and price.  Drop your stuff off at the church office today.  If Jane lets us know what time we’ll be hanging, you could probably drop it off tomorrow before that also.  But I’m not sure of tomorrow’s schedule.  

We’re also showing at the First Gallery of Olathe.  That one’s only for a week.  That’s a 15% commission and you need to label them the same as above.  They’ll be hanging Friday, so drop off before then.  

If I’ve gotten something wrong, please correct me in the comments.  Thanks!  

Jane will be hanging between 10 and noon tomorrow.  So, if you can get your stuff dropped off before ten, that should work.  Not sure what the church’s hours are.  

If you want to drop off at First Art Gallery today (Thursday) you should know that, despite the posted hours, it’s not opening until 6.  Some scheduling snaffoo, I gather.  Just an FYI.  🙂

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