Notes from Tonight’s Meeting

We had our first meeting at the First Gallery storefront tonight.

John gave the treasurer’s report and handed out the usual spreadsheet showing details.  To summarize, we have 18 members and $5,024.70 in our account.  Please contact John Burns for a copy of the report if interested.  

Coming up real fast here, the Wingfield Apartments will be hosting an art show in their club house during the National Night Out event on Tuesday, August 5th from 6 to 9pm.  The event will also have food vendors and tents.  First Art Gallery of Olathe is looking for artists to show at the event and OVA members are invited.  It will be free to show and any sales will be handled directly by the artist without commissions.  Grids will be provided and artists should plan to be there at 5 to set up.  If you are interested, please contact John BurnsJim Ramsey, or Sharon DeFreecee so they can plan for how many grids to set up.

Sunflower Art Fest will have 28 artist this year, including several from the OVA and First Gallery.  We’re not sure how many, exactly at this point.

First Art Gallery of Olathe Window 245OVA Shows at First Gallery
Last meeting it was decided that the OVA will show twice a year at the First Art Gallery, in September and July.  Bring your work to show on the 1st Saturday and leave it for a week.  More details closer to the event.  Similar to the last OVA show at First Gallery.

Details on how the First Gallery Works
Since the OVA is now partnering with the First Gallery, we discussed a little about how First Gallery works.

First Gallery is currently seeking 2 additional artists to display, and OVA artists are invited.

First Gallery is an artists’ co-op.  This means that each artist member is independent and pays into the store to cover overhead and agrees to work a certain number of hours per month.

A full-time member pays $50 and works 12 hours.
A part-time member pays $60 and works 6 hours.
A non-working member pays $70.

The commission rates vary based on whether you’re a working or non-working member.

Members can also use the store space to teach classes and things.

For more details, please contact a member of First Gallery.

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