March Meeting

In March, we had ten people in attendance: Karen Jones, Jan Stuart, Tom D’Andrea, Kristin Bound, Vivian Bound, Lynn Sprowl, David B. Stewart (guest), Elizabeth Sullivan, Dinah Medina, and John Burns

The treasurer’s report was passed out, showing we have 14 paid members and 5,163.02 in the bank. John brought up a concern that the bank is charging a $10 a month fee for… something. Sorry, I didn’t write it down. I think it was just for keeping the account, not anything specific. So, we authorized John to talk to several different area banks to try to get a better deal. We also authorized him to switch banks to whichever is the best choice.

Someone mentioned that the Overland Park Arboretum is having a painter’s day and suggested that we link to that on the website. I researched that and, though I didn’t find exactly the event mentioned, I listed several arboretum events for April and May. Mostly for photographers, but at least one was for artists. Please note that is not the Overland Park Arboretum, as misstated at the meeting. That’s some musician’s website. Alternatively, (which is similar) is an arboretum in Flagstaff. The Overland Park Arboretum doesn’t seem to have it’s own website, but it has its own section on the city website here:

Elaine Jones did a show in Meriam. That was at the Community Center at 67th and I-35ish.

Jan Stuart did a show at Ward Parkway that she said was particularly good. It was well-attended and the people were buying.

Our spring show at the church is coming up. There’ll be an ad in the Johnson County Gazette about it. (I didn’t mention it at the time, but I want to suggest that we put an ad in the pitch about it also. They’ve got a whole section for Art Events. It’s too late to put it in printed ads, but we should be able to get it into the online Art Events, I think. If no one’s submitted there already, I’ll do that.)

A reminder that the Sunflower Art Fair is in September this year.

Unity Temple’s show won’t be until next year.

Volunteering was brought up. We used to volunteer at the Water Fest, which isn’t a thing anymore. So, we don’t currently have any volunteer projects. If anyone can find a new volunteer opportunity for the group, that would be good. That program from the Juvenile Corrections guy could be a good opportunity, but might be bigger than the group can tackle. There was a question if we have to do volunteer things to keep our non-profit status and we apparently don’t. We still are doing scholarships. Anyway, please pass along any art-related volunteer opportunities you hear about.

I’m supposed to remind people to bring show and tell for the next meeting.

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