Roeland Park Show Reminder!

Hi everyone.
I just wanted to send an email to group members as a reminder of OVA’s next exhibit.  We will be having a show at the Roeland Park Community Center during the month of March.
There is approximately enough wall space to hang works for 2 pieces per artist if everyone in the group were to participate.  I’m sure there will be some members choosing not to show this time for whatever reason (maybe the weather – ick), so it’s possible that there could be up to 3 spots for some people.  I am going to need a final decision on artwork for the show by the end of the day Thursday (by the end of our meeting), so I can leave with everyone having already filled out their artwork’s name and price on the contract.
Please be thinking of what pieces you would want to show.  I will need the NAME of the piece and your selling PRICE to include on the contract.  I’ll go over more info at the meeting tomorrow night, or you may email me with questions, too.  Jane and I are meeting there on Friday evening around 5pm at the community center to receive and arrange the pieces.  You may drop them off all day Friday (Feb 28th) until 7pm, but preferably before 5pm.  Also they will take a few more pieces from 9am until noon on Saturday (March 1st) for those of you who can’t make it on Friday.  I know the forecast doesn’t look wonderful for Friday or the rest of the weekend.
Once you arrive, you will also need to sign in and sign out your pieces with Michelle Wade at Roeland Park on their sheet.  She is the contact person for the exhibit when dropping off your artwork.  They are kind enough to show our artworks and not collect any commission on sales, so keep that in mind when pricing you artwork.
The address is:
4850 Rosewood Drive
Roeland Park, KS  66205
It is a little bit west and north of the Wal-mart on Roe.
Hope to see you at the meeting tomorrow night!
Elizabeth Sullivan
p.s. If anyone has email addresses for Michael Milhollen, Tom or Mary I would like to pass this on along to them, too.  I’m not sure if everyone is an official member yet or not.
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