January Meeting

Notes from January’s OVA Meeting:

Members attending the meeting were: Me, Rob, Elizabeth, John, Jan, and the Pages. (Did I miss anyone?)

Jan Stuart is showing at the Mid-Winter Art Fair at Ward Parkway Mall Feb 7th through 9th.
She suggests that next year other OVA members might want to participate in this event. It’s $80 a panel.

We had a new person come to our meeting. Micheal Milhollen (forgive me if I’ve flubbed the name) who does digital photography and photo manipulation. He met some of us at the Downtown Olathe Arts Festival and kept meaning to come to a meeting. Welcome Michael!

Speaking of the DOAF, there will be no DOAF this year! They lost some grant money, some of the key organizers decided to quit or retire. They are considering shutting it down entirely, but Rob convinced them to just put it on hold for a year. It is tentatively scheduled to resume next year, but it sounds pretty shaky.

The OVA is having a joint art show with the First Olathe Art Gallery at the same church we have our meeting at. We were shown the multi-purpose room that the event will be held in. It will be May 3rd and 4th. There will be a $20 entry fee and 10% of sales will go to either the OVA or First Olathe Art Gallery (which one depends on the artist). We may need to sign up for shifts for manning the sales table at the show. A schedule will be drawn up before the next meeting.

There was some discussion as to the frames/stands we use to hang our art. It was thought that the burlap covers look fine for an outdoor show, but might look cheap inside. Everyone who attended thought that the frames looked fine without covers, just with the frames only but we know some members prefer them with covers. It was suggested that if we spray-painted them black (with the right type of paint so it wouldn’t scrape off easily) that would improve their looks significantly. Also, because they’re for outdoor use, there is some concern that their tube feet might scratch the floor. So, it was suggested that half-inch corks be purchased and pushed up the ends of the pipes with felt pads over that in case the cork tries to slide too far up the pipe. Everyone there agreed that that sounded like a reasonable idea.

Since we didn’t have our winter party at Jan’s, it was suggested that we have a “spring fling” there one night instead. It has been tentatively scheduled for May 9th at 6pm.

There is a show coming up for the OVA March 1st-31st at the Community Center (Which community center? I didn’t write it down.) No fees or commissions on any sales, but it is a show thaft usually doesn’t really generate sales.

Group Officers were discussed. I was volunteered for secretary (hence this meeting summary post) amd I’m still webmaster and John’s still treasurer. Rob declined the presidency. No other decisions were made.

Everybody needs to bring their checkbooks next meeting. Dues are due. $25, please. Or you can mail them to our P.O. Box. That would be:
Olathe Visual Artists, Inc.
PO Box #803
Olathe, KS 66061

Then I pulled out my laptop and let anyone who was interested play with my pen tablet (just Patty Page, and her husband watched) and talked a little about digital art. Working digitally allows you the undo feature, lets you adjust colors after you’ve put them down, and mimics traditional media really well. Sometimes so well you can’t tell the difference in prints. The disadvantage is, of course, you’ll never have that fully-textured original to frame and hang on the wall. But for it’s intended purpose (online graphics or images to be printed like in a book, magazine, greeting card, or poster) it works as well or sometimes better than traditional media. But this demonstration was just for killing time while we waited for our speaker to appear.

Our speaker was Lee Jast who is working with Johnson County on a pilot program called Strengthening Families. This is a program for youths in the juvenile corrections program and has been successful in other communities. It’s a partnership with juvenile corrections and both secular and faith-based organizations. It’s sort of like after school care, only for teenagers. And it serves kids who got themselves in trouble with the law, but not bad enough to go to the juvenile jail. But they’re kids that the department thinks are at-risk because they go home to an empty house after school and are probably going to get themselves in more trouble. The program provides study time, a meal, and some classes for these kids until around 8:30 when their parents pick them up. It’s sort of a mentorship program and the kids usually stay in it 10-20 days and are not dangerous kids (those go to lock-up). The program is held at the Evening Reporting Center which is in the Court Services Building that they build where the old downtown Dillions building was on Santa Fe. It runs 4 days a week with a maximum of 12 kids at a time. He’s going around to all the various community groups and giving his presentation to solicit volunteers. From the OVA, he’s hoping to get volunteers for transporting the kids to the facility after school and hopefully help with a visual arts program, because the kids pretty much all are interested in the visual arts. So, they’d like to provide an art curriculum that would be of interest to teenagers. This made me think of Eddy and his art school. He might be interested, but he wasn’t in attendance. Anyway, they’re trying to provide the kids with normal, well-adjusted adults that they can interact with on a one-to-one basis to be role models for the kids. The relationships are more important than the actual classes. They also have various people from the community come in and talk about their jobs and what those are like sort of to help the kids understand what they could do if they wanted to.

There’s going to be another meeting to discuss this program and what different groups might be able/willing to do to help. That’ll be at that building that replaced the Dillions building (Court Services Building) on Santa Fe on Feb 20th from 3 to 5.

If you have any questions, please contact Lee Jost at ljost@servantcov.org.

If I missed anything important, got something wrong, or you just have a question then please add a comment below.

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