Old Mill at Lake Olathe Show-and-Tell

Last meeting we had a show-and-tell prompted by March’s art challenge to make something with the old mill building out at Lake Olathe as the subject. It didn’t have to necessarily be the old mill, but something inspired by the scenery around that area, anyway. Here’s what we all came up with. (In no particular order.)

Here’s mine (Karen B. Jones)
Old Mill Drawn with Brown Lines

Here’s Elizabeth Sullivan‘s
She has so many, I’m just putting up a gallery for her’s. Click on the thumbnail to view the larger image.

She also showed off the finished result of her sketch from our still life setup from February.
Elizabeth Sullivan - Ensemble in Blue 500

Dinah Medina brought in a pretty textile.
Textile Full-Length
Textile Close-Up

Jan Stuart‘s looks like a sunset on the lake. Or maybe a sunrise?
Sunrise on the Lake

John Burns is next.
John Burns 500

Phyllis Gardner
Phyllis Gardner

Jane Kirk
Jane Kirk 500

And finally, some very pretty ducks from Kathleen Kirch.
Kathleen Kirch

Good job, everybody! 🙂

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