Minutes from January’s Meeting

Hi Karen,
Here finally are the minutes–as I remember then–I am not reliable so I wish people would not try to make me be that way!!
We had a good turnout for the January Meeting with about 9 in attendance. the secretary was not there so we had no minutes from our last meeting. We had a really good turn out for our Christmas party, and everyone had a great time.
The treasure reported we had a $1,000 grant from the Olathe Arts Alliance which we will put in the scholarship fund. We also had a nice thank you from Hidden Glen Art Festival with a check for $750.00
Our social chairman issued a challenge to paint the Old Mill at Olathe Lake to bring to our meeting. It was discussed and decided to make it in March so everyone had time to participate.
Our web master informed us we can go sign in to the Olathe Visual Art’s web site to find out when the minutes and other in formation will be posted.
The program committee will have a lady who helps artists sell their art as our speaker next month if she is available. Should the speaker not be able to make it in February bring items to draw.
The exhibit committee reported exhibits: Unity Church has a tentative opening for us Nov/Dec 2013. KY Med Center has a deadline of February 28 2013 for submissions. Karen (our web master) will make CD’s of our work for several places we will submit our work.
Name tags will be taken care of by Rob
At the Ola the Arts Festival Phyllis does not want to be in charge of the Plein Air Art contest should we decide to have one this year.
No one wants to volunteer to put together a scrap book of all the material we have gathered up over the years.
A suggestion was made to have a calendar made, but it was tabled.
The meeting was adjourned.
We had a very nice speaker, Herman Gerber who spoke on perception. He was asked if he would do a workshop for us, and said he would be glad to do one.
Respectively submitted,
Jan Stuart
  1. #1 by Karen B. Jones on January 31, 2013 - 12:49 pm

    The CDs have been burned and given to Jan Kirk.

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